Kern County Commercial Filming Permits are issued free of charge with valid insurance. Additional permits may be required for some locations. Please consult this page for rates and other requirements. Rates are listed as provided by each agency and are subject to change without notice.

Bureau Of Land Management


1-10 persons, $100/day; 11-30 persons, $150/day; 31+ persons, $250/day

Films/ TV / Commercials

1-30 persons, $250/day; 31-60 persons, $500/day; 61+ persons, $600/day
Application fee: $109 (non-refundable)
Monitor fee: 0-8 hours, $109; 8-24 hours, $386; 24-36 hours, $726; 36-50 hours, $1,040
Over 50 hours, full reimbursement of costs
Pre-production conference (if required): $100
Students: Fees waived with confirmation of student status and insurance

Forest Service (minimum two-week notice required)


1-10 persons, $50/day; 11-30 persons, $150/day; 31+ persons, $250/day Films/ TV / Commercials
1-10 persons, $150/day; 11-30 persons, $200/day; 31-60 persons, $500/day; 60+, $600/day
Processing fee $30 - $45/hour based on availability and overtime
Monitor fees: $30 - $45/hour based on availability and overtime. Additional $50/hour required for dispatcher in off-duty hours (6 pm - 7:30 am.)
A performance bond may be required to ensure cleanup and restoration
Applicable state and county permits are required with copies provided to USFS
Filming in Los Padres National Forest will not be authorized on weekends
Insurance endorsement is required (certificates will not be accepted in lieu of endorsement)

Kern County Buildings

$100/hour plus labor, equipment and lost revenue
Filming limited to public access areas only

Kern County Fire Department

Special Effects Permit: $70
Monitor fee: $85/hour (two-hour minimum) when applicable.

Kern County Parks (more info)

Film and Video: $250/day ($200 rental fee plus $50 application fee)
Still Photography: $100/day ($50 rental fee plus $50 application fee)
$2 million general liability insurance required

Kern County Roads

No fee (excluding traffic control - see below)

State Highways

Review fee: $70/hour (standard review is two hours)
Inspector: $70/hour (when required)

State Parks

Red Rock Canyon State Park, Fort Tejon State Historic Park, Tule Elk State Reserve
Review fee: $79-$200 based on activity
Monitor fee: $79/hour (four-hour minimum, when required)

Traffic Control - Unincorporated Kern County only (California Highway Patrol)

Officers: $83.98/hour (four-hour minimum)
Motor Officers: $86.88/hour (four-hour minimum)
Sergeants: $102.84/hour; $105.58/hour (motorcycle)
Patrol vehicles: 70 cents/mile; Motorcycles: 96 cents/mile

Incorporated Cities

Arvin: Fee structure under development.
Bakersfield: $200 ($170 permit fee, $30 business license). Not applicable to private property.
California City: $10/day (temporary business license);
Streets: $110/day ($100 permit fee plus $10/day temporary business license);
Airport: $710/day ($700/day plus $10/day temporary business license)
Delano: $50 (permit fee)
Maricopa: $40 (business license fee)
McFarland: $75 (business license fee)
Ridgecrest: $100 (permit fee). Waived for student films (confirmation required) with insurance.
Shafter: $15/day (temporary business license fee)
Taft: $115 ($75 permit fee, $40 business license fee).
Encroachment permit(when applicable): $35-$85 depending upon activity.
Tehachapi: $50/day (permit fee)
Wasco: Fee structure under development.